300*320mm Area with Digital Control


Product Description:

The INFRARED IC HEATE T962 A is a micro processor controlled reflow-oven. It can be used for effectively soldering various SMD and BGA components.The whole soldering process can be completed automatically and it is very easy to use, This machine uses a powerful infrared emission and circulation of the hot air flow, so the temperature is being kept very accurate and evenly distributed.

A windowed drawer is designed to hold the work-piece,and allows safe soldering techniques and the manipulation of SMDBGA and other small eletronic parts mounted on a PCB assembly. The T962 may be automatically rework solder to correct bad solder joints,remove/replace bad components and complete small engineering models of prototypes.

Product Features:

★. (1) A large infrared soldering area

Effective soldering area:300×320mm;this increases the usage range of this machine drastically and makes it an economical investment.

★. (2) Choice of different soldering cycles

Parameters of eight solderng cycles are pre defined and the entire soldering process can completed automatically from Preheat,Soak and Reflow through to cool down.

★. (3) Special heat up and temperature equalization with all designs 

Uses up to 1500 Watts of energy efficient Infrared heating and air circulation to re-flow solder.

★. (4) Ergonomic design,practical and easily operated

Good build quality but at the same time light weight and a small footprint allows the T962 to be easily bench positioned transported or stored .

★. (5) Large number of available functions

The T962 can solder most boss-eyed or double-face PCB boards small parts,for example CHIP,SOP,PLCC,QFP,BGA etc.It is the ideal rework solution from single runs to on-demand small batch production.

★. (6) Technical Specifications

     Maximum soldering area: 300×320mm

     Size: 43×37×26cm

     ● Packing Size: 50×43×33cm

     Rated Power: 1500W

     Processing Time: 1~8 min

     ● Power Supply: AC220V/50~60HZ

     Net Weight: 12.5kg

     Gross Weight: 14kg

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